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Basel Carnival 2022

9 March 2022

Basel Carnival is part of the city’s identity – culturally speaking, it is at the heart of its creative energies and represents three days when the city goes wild. Owing to its uniqueness and quality, it has been added to the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list.

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Carnival in Basel

Basel is turned upside-down during what locals call the “three best days” in the year. Everything starts on the Monday after Ash Wednesday at exactly 4 am – in total darkness. The popular “Morgestraich” then turns the city centre into a sea of illuminated, hand-painted lanterns, where thousands of costumed pipers and drummers accompany “their lantern” and “their theme” with music through the streets – until the “Endstraich” on Thursday, again precisely at 4 am. And you absolutely have to experience everything in between.

Basler Fasnacht (Basel Carnival)

Dates & programme
Videos of the Basel Carnival

Creativity lives here

Our «Dame Fasnacht» – as the people of Basel lovingly call their festival – will transport you into the world of a different type of carnival. The event combines unique musical instruments, creativity and ideas, and first-rate artistic performances. This is where socio-political topics, stories and current events are communicated in a typical Basel manner: proudly, with acerbic wit and biting humour.

Fascination Lanterns Painting

Good to Know

Learn interesting facts about the history, the carnival costumes and the different roles. You will find important terms in the carnival dictionary.

The history of the Carnival in Basel
Carnival Dictionary
Traditional Fasnacht costumes
Carnival participants
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