Brochures about Basel

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City Guide Basel

A treasure trove of information and inspiration, including exclusive tips from locals that will make your visit unforgettable

5 walking tours

Five walking tours through Basel’s Old Town

Restaurant Guide 2024

A list of restaurants, bars, pubs and cafés in Basel and the surrounding region

Architectural Highlights

A selection of must-see buildings and places in Basel just waiting to be explored

Street Art Highlights

A selection of the most beautiful graffiti and murals in Basel

Art in the City (cannot be ordered)

A selection of the most fascinating works of art in Basel’s public spaces

2023 Sales Guide

Useful information and valuable tips about Basel for tour operators

Basel Experiences

A list of shops, cultural institutions and eateries in Basel’s city centre

2023 Basel Museums Guide

A list of museums and exhibitions in Basel and the surrounding region: overview, special exhibitions and essentials

Basel Zoo

Information including directions, opening hours and prices

Carnival in Basel

A guide to the Carnival in Basel