BaselCard – information for accommodation providers

On this page, accommodation providers can find all the information they need on the issuing and handling of the BaselCard.

 For more information, please send us an e-mail.

FAQs about the BaselCard

  • Yes, every overnight guest in the Canton of Basel-Stadt should receive per person / night a BaselCard in return for the city tax paid. It is valid for the entire duration of their stay, up to a maximum of 30 days.

    Exceptions: According to the City Tax Law, residents of the Canton of Basel-Stadt and military service personnel are not subject to the city tax and therefore also do not benefit from the BaselCard.

  • The following BaselCard categories exist:

    • Adults: 16+ years
    • Teenagers: 12–15 years
    • Children: 0–11 years
  • You can find all the information here: 10 steps to issue a BaselCard

  • Section 3 of the City Tax Law states that the city tax is levied per person for each paid overnight stay. If your friends or family pay for the overnight stay, city tax of CHF 4 per person must be collected from them and paid to the Office for Economy and Labour (AWA). These guests should receive a BaselCard as normal. If your friends or family do NOT pay for the overnight stay, the city tax is waived and therefore also their right to a BaselCard.

  • The changes can be made at any time in your PMS or directly in the AVS system. In the case of changes, please adjust the length of stay and reprint the card. The QR code of the card remains the same. Cancellations or changes of stay for accompanying persons are also possible. To do this, please use the “Ändern” (“Change”) button and alter the information as desired.

  • Below is a link to the tutorial for issuing a digital card. The guest receives the registered card four days before their arrival. Please note that the printed BaselCard must still be handed to them. A maximum of five BaselCards can be sent digitally per registration form.

    Link to the tutorial (only in German):

    Please note the legal notice that the BaselCard may only be sent by e-mail with the guest’s consent. 

  • The AWA will invoice the lodging establishments for the city tax on a monthly basis. Invoicing is carried out on the basis of the registration forms entered into the AVS system. Airbnb bookings entered with the subject “Ihr Betrieb (Airbnb)” (“Your business (Airbnb)”) are automatically settled via Airbnb. 

  • In order to simplify the processing of city tax payments, the Canton of Basel-Stadt, represented by the Office for Economy and Labour (AWA), has agreed with the European headquarters of Airbnb that from 1 September 2018 the city tax will be accounted for directly by Airbnb. This means that Airbnb will take care of collection and forwarding of the city tax to the cantonal authority for you. Airbnb has sent you detailed information about this directly.