10 steps to issue a BaselCard

Issue a BaselCard for your guests in 10 steps.
  1. Visit the BaselCard B2B support page to find out more about the BaselCard, how it is handled and the statutory requirements for mandatory registration in the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

    a) All guests who are liable to pay the city tax receive a personal BaselCard in return.
    b) The BaselCard must be given to all guests (adults, teenagers and children).
    c) Adults who are exempt from the city tax (persons residing in the Canton of Basel-Stadt and military service personnel) must nevertheless be recorded in the AVS system. They, however, will not receive a BaselCard. 
    d) With the booking confirmation, the transfer from Basel airport / train stations to the place of accommodation is free of charge.
  2. Apply for your own access to the online application for issuing the BaselCard and guest data registration under the heading “Benutzeraccount bestellen” (“Order user account”).
  3. Order the pre-printed templates for the BaselCard under the heading “Bestellung Druckvorlagen” (“Order print templates”). You can pick them up from us or we can send them to you.
  4. You will receive your login details within two working days after registration. 
  5. Log into the BaselCard system with your login.
  6. Create a new registration form (see video tutorial). When booking through the Airbnb channel, select the item “Ihr Betrieb (Airbnb)” (“Your business (Airbnb)”). For bookings which are not booked through Airbnb, please select the item “Ihr Betrieb” (“Your business”). 
  7. Enter the travel dates of your guests. For the BaselCard, the first name and last name, guest category and length of stay are required. Accompanying travellers can be entered in the “Begleitpersonen” (“Accompanying persons”) section. 
  8. Save the “Meldeschein” (“Registration form”) and print it out by clicking on the “Ausdruck” (“Print”) button. You can print the generated PDF on the ordered templates and give it to your guests. You can also send them a digital BaselCard (see video tutorial). 
  9. Enter all the data to be entered for your guests by 6.00 am on the day after the arrival date: 

    The following data is to be entered:
    a. Last name
    b. First name 
    c. Date of arrival 
    d. Date of departure 
    e. Category 
    f. Country of origin 
    g. Nationality 
    h. Date of birth 
    i. Reason for travel

    This data must always be recorded on each registration form and for each guest (slight deviation for accompanying travellers). The relevant data items for issuing a BaselCard are items a to e.
  10. You can alter / delete the guest’s information until the time of departure. No changes can be made in the system after the departure date. If the guest category or the arrival / departure date changes, a new BaselCard must be issued.

The system is basically self-explanatory. For more information, please refer to the manual in the AVS system. You can reach us by e-mail at [email protected]

Services – BaselCard

All the information on BaselCard services is available on our website at www.basel.com/baselcard

Video tutorials

Guest data registration / issuance of the BaselCard in the AVS system


Sending a digital BaselCard from the AVS system