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Basel is the most dynamic commercial and industrial region in Switzerland and one of the most productive worldwide. The region gives employment to around 300,000 people from both Switzerland and abroad.

Basel, Switzerland’s most innovative region

In Basel, you will find a unique concentration of innovative companies, research institutes and academic institutions, a cosmopolitan culture, an international environment and business- friendly conditions. 

The city on the Rhine is a centre for life sciences and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is also home to many important companies in the logistics, transport and financial services industries. 

Furthermore, Basel is one of the most important trade fair and congress centres in Switzerland.

Switzerland. get natural.View from the Dreirosenbruecke to the Elsaesserrheinweg with the Novartis Campus on the left side, Basel.Schweiz. ganz natuerlich.  Blick von der Dreirosenbruecke auf den Elsaesserrheinweg mit dem Novartis Campus auf der linken Seite, Basel.Suisse. tout naturellement. Vue de la Dreirosenbruecke a la Elsaesserrheinweg avec le Campus Novartis a gauche, Bale.Copyright by: Switzerland Tourism - By-Line: Gerth

Education and research have a long history in the region – one dating back 560 years

With its university founded in 1460, Basel has an academic tradition dating back several centuries. The innovative companies based in the region have also acted as a “magnet” for talented young people for many years. The combination of these two factors creates an optimal environment for research and development, and is a constant source of innovation for the region’s businesses. It’s therefore no surprise that several discoveries and inventions from the Basel region have been awarded a Nobel Prize.

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