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Basel | Pocket-size metropolis

Where cosmopolitan hustle and bustle blend with relaxed conviviality and urban style meets tradition: discover the Basel way of life.

Basel is an inspiration
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Basel | A dream destination

Basel is city romance, foodie culture and a holiday atmosphere all rolled into one. Discover Basel your way with the City Package incl. BaselCard and great extras.

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Edward Hopper | Infinite and legendary landscapes

Fondation Beyeler |  Extended until 20 September 2020

Edward Hopper in Basel

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We are back

The city is re-awakening Basel's joie de vivre can be felt again: discover the urban art spots and see some world-class architecture on the way. Stop in at a cozy restaurant in the Old Town and enjoy a cool beer alongside the Rhine afterward. Visit one of the renowned museums and discover works of art in public spaces. However, you prefer to enjoy your new-found freedom: Basel is ready for you.

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Districts of Basel

Anyone who moves around Basel’s various districts will soon find it to be a city of many faces. From idyllic residential neighbourhoods to picturesque alleys in the old town and to urban settings reminiscent of big cities like Hamburg or Berlin – you’ll find all these and much more. Let yourself be inspired by what awaits you in Basel’s diverse districts.

1 Grossbasel city centre & St. Alban

Basler Quartier Nr. 1

Not surprisingly, Basel’s old town contains nearly all the sights that are generally connected with Basel. And yet this district offers much more: world-class museums, shopping delights for individualists of every kind, traditional pubs and new favourites, and a spot – the St. Alban-Tal, also known as the “Little Venice” of Basel – that melts the heart of every romantic.

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2 Gundeldingen, Bruderholz & Dreispitz

Basler Quartier Nr. 2

Basel’s southern districts are notable for its diversity: discover magnificent villas in the Bruderholz quarter, the “Gundeli” (Gundeldingen), a melting pot of cultures, and the gritty industrial charm of Dreispitz – one of Basel's fastest-developing districts.

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3 Iselin, Gotthelf & Bachletten

Basler Quartier Nr. 3

The western part of Basel is very popular as a residential area. But the reason why so many visitors also end up here is because it’s home to Basel Zoo. If you sit outside one of the district's cafés or restaurants, the background noises might even make you feel as if you’ve suddenly been transported to Africa.

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4 St. Johann

Basler Quartier Nr. 4

As a former workers’ quarter, St. Johann has always been a place where a wide variety of cultures come together. This tradition has continued in recent years – thanks to the Novartis Campus, which is gradually developing into a “city in the city”.

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5 Matthäus, Klybeck & Kleinhüningen

Basler Quartier Nr. 5

A whiff of the sea: the port of Basel is more than just the place where three countries come together; here you can actually feel the wanderlust. This is partly because of the ships that arrive and depart here and set you thinking about the big wide world, but also because of the port’s industrial ambience, which has a special charm of its own.

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6 Kleinbasel

Basler Quartier Nr. 6

Kleinbasel is a good example of the way public perception can change. What used to be referred to disparagingly as “das mindere Basel” (“Basel minor”) is today a very popular district.

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7 Basel Nord & Riehen

Basler Quartier Nr. 7

Riehen has already had the honour of being named the Swiss municipality with the highest quality of life. The award was no coincidence: Riehen attracts attention with its large amount of green space and a very attractive city centre. The town is also a cultural hotspot as the home of the famous Fondation Beyeler.

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