Regional products from Basel

Locally produced food and drink has a long tradition in Basel. The city is home to Switzerland’s oldest biscuit bakery and a number of innovative new companies.

Locally produced food

What culinary delights are made in Basel?

Gelati Gasparini

The famous Zolli-Cornet from Gasparini has been popular since the 1950s. The wafer cone is still filled, dipped in chocolate and wrapped by hand to this day.

Jakob’s Basler Leckerly

This traditional Basel company was founded in 1753, making it Switzerland’s oldest biscuit manufacture. Current owners Charlotte and Andreas Kuster make Läckerli using recipes collected over the past three centuries.

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A gelato from the ice-cream café Acero is the perfect treat on a hot summer afternoon. Each flavour is home-made according to an Italian recipe.

Tuyu Tofu

Jinhee Park makes traditional Korean tofu from Swiss organic soya beans in Basel. Jars of Tuyu Tofu are so popular you can get them in restaurants and shops across Switzerland.
Das Geschäft Oelist / Finkmüller in der Markthalle.


In his workshop in Kleinbasel, Simon Müller makes cold-pressed organic oils from raw ingredients. His products are used by top chefs, including Tanja Grandits and Pascal Steffen.

Doner kebab

Doner kebab is a fast-food favourite in Basel, and you can get it at one of the many Turkish takeaways across the city. The Ubeck Imbiss on Wettsteinplatz season and prepare the doner meat themselves.

Which restaurants use regional products?

These restaurants work closely with local farms and small producers from the region and source fresh ingredients from them.

Locally produced drinks

Coffee and soft drinks

La Columbiana

If you visit the roastery at the back of the shop in the morning, you can see Doris Filippini and her son Stefano roasting your coffee beans.

Jungle Brothers Kombucha

Jungle Brothers brought kombucha to Basel. They brew the refreshing drink using organic green and black tea, and sell three different varieties: Ginger, Pomegranate and Naked.


Ingo and Kurt aren’t the names of the guys who work at the Ingwer-Manufaktur – they are the names of the ginger and turmeric juices that are freshly pressed every week at Basel’s Aktienmühle.


Brauerei im Teufelhof

Stadtmauer Brauer

The Stadtmauer Brauer in Teufelhof Basel brew the golden elixir literally at the 1000-year-old city wall – and it is guaranteed to be naturally cloudy!

Ueli Bier

No visit to Basel would be complete without a stop at the Fischerstube. Long before craft beer became trendy, the popular Ueli Bier was being brewed in the time-honoured Fischerstube.

Volta Bräu

Volta Bräu brews modern beer according to innovative, experimental recipes and draws it fresh from the tap at the bar. You can also enjoy a cold one in the beer garden throughout the year.

Which bars serve locally produced drinks?

Culinary events

We’ve already known this for a while, but this year it’s official: Basel is the Swiss city of indulgence 2022! From April to October, discover the wide range of culinary delights in our city with a focus on regionality, seasonality and craftsmanship.



Discover the wide range of culinary delights in Basel