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Food trends in Basel

Basel is a popular travel destination for foodies. The city’s culinary scene is home to innovative and international trends – and they’re all absolutely delicious.

Food trends

Basel is a very international city, and that’s definitely reflected in the cuisine. The small city at the bend of the Rhine serves up dishes from around the globe.

What are the latest trends in Basel?

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Gourmet donuts

Mystifry is the best doughnut shop in town – if not in Switzerland. Anyone who has ever tried the handmade doughnuts here understands why they always sell out so quickly.

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Hummus, falafel and pitta bread served in colourful bowls – the flavours of the Levant have long been a favourite in Basel.

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Whether deep-fried or steamed, dumplings are hugely popular in Basel. Depending on the shape and which country they come from, they are known under several names, including dim sum, wontons, momo or gyoza.

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From fast food to gourmet trend – the coolest restaurants and food trucks serve hamburgers, cheeseburgers and veggie burgers that are made locally using fresh ingredients.

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Fusion cuisine is the combination of dishes from different countries and cultures.

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Vegan craft ice cream

Taking inspiration from US ice-cream culture, enila’s cashew and coconut milk ice cream is made in-store and comes with delicious ingredients like cookies, brownies and chocolate sauce.

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“Wilde Maa” – that is the name of the Basel craft cider, which tastes of freshly picked apples.

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Sourdough bread

Basel film director Christian Aeby had amazing success with bakeries in Hamburg and Berlin. Now he’s finally baking and selling the sourdough bread he remembers from his childhood in his home town, in a bakery on the Rhine.

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Leaf to root

From kimchi and sauerkraut to miso and chilli sauce – pureTaste is Switzerland’s first fermented-food producer to use local vegetables from leaf to root, and they’re right here in Basel.

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Bean to bar

Discover the world of chocolate at the Basel Schifflände. At the chocolate café Xocolatl, you can get sustainably sourced, handmade chocolate bars and 42 varieties of hot chocolate.

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Nose to tail

Taverne Johann adheres to the nose-to-tail philosophy, even making their own sausages, dried meats and pies.

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Culinary events

Discover the wide range of culinary delights in Basel

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    • New Asia Market, Rheinfelderstrasse 1, 4058 Basel
    • Tang Asien Market, Spalenring 1, 4055 Basel
    • YumiHana, Schneidergasse 7, 4051 Basel
    • Lien Trading, Centralbahnstrasse 4, 4051 Basel
    • Aggarwal AG, Claragraben 78, 4058 Basel
    • RMC Paradise, Küchengasse 9, 4051 Basel
    • Singh Indische Lebensmittel, Hauptstrasse 32, 4102 Binningen
    • Andina Latino Produkte, Spalenring 150, 4055 Basel
    • Tienda Colombiana Popalito GmbH, Gundeldingerstrasse 465, 4053 Basel
    • El Sol AG, Lachenstrasse 10, 4123 Allschwil 
    • GeorgeTheGreek – Griechische Produkte, Güterstrasse 207, 4053 Basel
    • Mini Fresh Shop, Spalenring 19, 4055 Basel
    • Sonne Market, Ahornstrasse 3, 4055 Basel
    • Garibaldi Italienische Spezialitäten, Allschwilerstrasse 97, 4055 Basel
    • Alimentari Italiani da Oliva, Bäumlihofstrasse 148, 4058 Basel