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Summer in Basel

Swimming in the Rhine

In summer, the Kleinbasel banks of the Rhine are the place to be! Thousands of people cool off by leaping into the water during the warmer months of the year. You can put your clothes in a Wickelfisch swim bag and simply float down on the gentle current through the picturesque old town.


Summer Bars in Basel

No sooner does spring arrive in Basel than the first open-air bars and restaurants start up for business. Enjoy the spring out in the sun and get into a summer mood. The following bars and restaurants will be switching to "summer mode" over the next month or so.


The Rhine is Life

The Rhine is the true lifeblood of Basel and the city's enduring landmark. As one of the most important trading routes, it has had a huge influence on the development of the city...


Rhine swimming on Google Street View

On hot summer days, swimming in the Rhine is the most popular sport in Basel. Take a look at this great event on Google Street View.


Barbecue spots

During the summer months, having a barbecue is one of the most popular leisure activities of the people in Basel.


Refreshment stalls (Buvettes)

The buvettes have become an established part of the Basel cityscape. They open up in fine weather to serve delicious drinks and snacks – perfect for relaxing.


Parks & gardens

Thanks to its many parks, tree-lined avenues and gardens, Basel is a leafy city. These green spaces are great places to walk and linger in the summer months.


Entertainment in the summer

Basel truly comes into its own during this season with festivals, street parties, open-air concerts and open-air cinema.