Insider tips from Basel: top events, competitions and special offers

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Matthäus, Klybeck & Kleinhüningen

A whiff of the sea: the port of Basel is more than just the place where three countries come together; here you can actually feel the wanderlust. This is partly because of the ships that arrive and depart here and set you thinking about the big wide world, but also because of the port’s industrial ambience, which has a special charm of its own. The neighbouring Klybeck and Matthäus quarters are also forward-looking, fast changing districts.

New in the district: Nordstern Basel 

For 15 years, Nordstern Basel has been an international hot spot for electronic music. This is where DJs and electronic music fans from around the world meet. The Nordstern has been housed in the Schiff since June. The basses boom directly on the Rhine in the unique atmosphere of the revamped club.

Nordstern Basel
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Shopping tip: Reh4

Reh4 is a complex of shops, galleries and progressive locations in Kleinbasel that are countering the trend toward a global – and homogeneously boring – shopping experience. Here visitors will discover creative design, exciting art and dining with an extra dose of individuality, plus special events such as fashion shows in public locations. 

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Dining tip: Zum Onkel

The restaurant on the corner of Haltingerstrasse and Mörsbergerstrasse makes diners feel as if they are enjoying a successful family visit. Zum Onkel is homey and decorated with travel souvenirs, postcards and photographs, and the food served here is prepared exclusively with seasonal and regional ingredients.

Zum Onkel
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Local character Andrea Otto Knopp

Reh4 warrior and owner of Boutique Riviera 

«I’ve lived and worked for more than ten years in the Matthäus quarter, and I really like this colourful district for its liveliness and density. New bars and clubs are always opening. The proximity to the river and the port also have a particular attraction. During the summer, I like most of all to visit one of the Buvetten (outdoor cafés) along the Rhine or on Klybeck Island. Apart from that, I really like the spot where Klybeckstrasse and Feldbergstrasse intersect, not just because that’s where my Boutique Riviera is located, but also because Basel feels bigger and more urban here than anywhere else.»

Iselin, Gotthelf & Bachletten