Kleinbasel’s Old Town and Wettstein

Kleinbasel is a good example of the way public perception can change. What used to be referred to disparagingly as «das mindere Basel» («lesser Basel») is today a very popular district. This comes as no surprise: here you can find everything you need to be happy and content – a Mediterranean ambiance along the sun-drenched banks of the Rhine and vibrant squares, streets, bars and restaurants.
“During my childhood, the area around the Rheingasse looked much like some of the districts in East Berlin right after the wall came down: grey and black houses, untended streets and lots of soot. Today, Kleinbasel offers spruced-up historic streets with an endless variety of restaurants and bars.” 

This is Basel for
Tino Krattiger · Skipper and organizer of the Floss music festival  

Guided tours in the district