Basel Nord and Riehen

Riehen has already had the honour of being named the Swiss municipality with the highest quality of life. The award was no coincidence: Riehen attracts attention with its large amount of green space and a very attractive city centre. The town is also a cultural hotspot as the home of the famous Fondation Beyeler. Yet even the adjacent Hirzbrunnen district of Basel offers many idyllic spots, including the Tierpark Lange Erlen and the Wiese River.
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Die Fondation Beyeler in Riehen. Zentral ist der Museumsdirektor Sam Keller zu sehen.
“I grew up in Riehen, a big green municipality just outside Basel on the border to the Black Forest. What I love about it is the way it ties nature and culture together.»
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Sam Keller · Director of Fondation Beyeler
Lounge Les Garecons Basel


Les Gareçons

The Badischer Bahnhof (German railway station) building is home to two establishments that could not be more different, but are both well worth discovering. Gare du Nord delights visitors with a cozy bar, cool live music and a long tradition as a meeting place for watching football matches. Les Gareçons offers a stylish atmosphere and creative crossover cuisine.

Guided tours in the neighbourhood