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Swimming in the rhine – Safety & map

Anyone visiting Basel in the summer months should take the opportunity for a dip in the river! To ensure that swimming in the Rhine is a great experience, please observe the following safety information:

Safety information

  • Swim with at least one other person, never alone
  • Inflatable flotation aids are not allowed
  • Don’t tie the Wickelfisch (swim bag) around your body or use it as a flotation aid
  • Avoid the bridge pillars, as dangerous eddies can form there
  • Keep away from fishing weirs – you could risk injury!
  • Jumping off bridges is strictly prohibited
  • Stay close to the Kleinbasel banks
  • Swimming is not allowed in the port area or near the weirs
  • Keep checking upriver, as ships coming from this direction are silent and difficult to manoeuvre

Source: SRLG SSS

Information on water quality

Information on water temperature

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