The Rhine invites you for a swim the whole summer long! To keep their clothes dry while swimming, splashing and floating along, the people of Basel store everything in a Wickelfisch swim bag.

Where can you get the Wickelfisch swim bag?

You can buy your Wickelfisch here:

You can rent a Wickelfisch here:

If you don’t have a swim bag with you, you can rent the popular Wickelfisch at the Tourist Information office from June to September. As the number of Wickelfisch swim bags is limited, we cannot guarantee their availability. Reservations are not taken. Wickelfisch swim bags of size L are available for rent, cost CHF 10 per day (plus a refundable deposit of CHF 30, preferably in cash) and can be kept for up to 24 hours.

ST-Kurzclip Rheinschwimmen 2022

Wickelfisch tutorial

In this video you will learn how use a Wickelfisch swim bag in 30 seconds.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Good to know.

  • The “Wickelfisch” is a brightly coloured, waterproof swim bag that keeps clothes and valuables dry. It is available in a variety of colours and sizes.

    Two new species have recently been discovered: the BikiniBag (for wet bathing suits) and the Schlittelfisch (a folding sledge).

  • Many shops sell “Wickelfisch” swim bags. For example, you can choose your favourite colour at the Tourist Information office on Barfüsserplatz, at Manor, at Bider & Tanner at Jobfactory Store or online under the link https://www.wickelfisch.ch.