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BBQ-WorkshopMarket-fresh ingredients – vegetables, fruit, choice herbs, dips, and of course succulent Swiss meat – are waiting for you to hone your skills. Participants form teams and, together with an expert, prepare a multi-course meal that you can then enjoy in a congenial
BaseloutdoorIf you’re looking for action for your team event, we offer everything you need, including rustic team sports, foot darts, canoe racing on the Rhine and indoor team
Brewery FischerstubeOn a tour of this small but special brewery, you can watch the master brewer and his team at work. Learn all about how Ueli Beer is made and discover interesting facts about the brewery’s foundation 40 years ago.
Brewery «Unser Bier» – TeameventVisit the Unser Bier brewery, brew your very own beer under expert supervision and learn more about the fascinating production process and the popular amber nectar through a variety of
Ride with the RhytaxiThe Rhytaxi offers much more than just a meal! Give your guests a fun, relaxing experience with a trip along the Rhine on this boat!
Läckerli Huus «World of Indulgence»Experience a delicious adventure in the «World of Indulgence» exhibition at the Läckerli Huus. Alex, the baker’s boy, will take you along on an enticing voyage of
Hightech iPad TourYou will begin in the heart of the city, equipped with an iPad, road book and map, and will solve exciting puzzles and fun team challenges on the theme of Basel’s
Pasta WorkshopIn the pasta workshop the participants will learn all about the different steps in making delicious pasta. Whether with saffron, tomatoes or something else, there are no limits to the imagination!
Creative events at Sutter BeggWeaving plaits, making chocolate bars and creating truffles and Easter bunnies – rounded off with a tour of the bakery followed by a delicious snack. In short: an event your guests won’t forget in a
Original Schweizer HüttenkrimiHere you can experience “Gemütlichkeit” (a cosy atmosphere) up close, taste some delicious Swiss dishes, and be at the heart of the action when a “typical” crime is committed... and then
Rafting-Tour on the RhineThe large non-capsizing rafting dinghies are ideal for beginners and all age ranges. After a short briefing from the coxes, participants will set off on their paddling experience!
Crime in the city Experience a spectacular criminal case up close and work with your colleagues or customers to bring the perpetrator to justice. The turbulent investigations offer plenty of fun and