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Explore Basel with Pokémon Go

On the hunt in the city by the Rhine.

Pokémon fever is also rife in Basel. All digital monster hunters are bound to be rewarded in the historic Old Town, near the well-known sights, in many of its parks and by the banks of the Rhine. Arenas and PokéStops can be found at prominent places all over the city, for example by some of the fountains or important buildings.

A walk through the historic Old Town of Basel leads you to Pikachu, Dratini & Co. through winding alleyways past famous landmarks and monuments. They are hidden near the city gates, the Basler Münster, Mittlere Brücke and other tourist attractions.

«Pokémon Go – THE REVENGE» - Best of Swiss Web Award 2017

Now it's the Pokémon's turn! Watch the Pikachus hunting down the Trainers with Monster-Pokéballs.

Basel Sights

Close to the water

A visit to the banks of the Rhine not only means the temptation to go for a swim in the river or relax at one of the five "Buvetten" as especially water Pokémons such as Psyduck, Slowpoke and the like can be found near the river. Of course, they feel quite at home in and around Tinguely Fountain, too.

The Rhine is Life
Tinguely Fountain

Parks & Gardens

So far, Basel's parks have mainly attracted those seeking relaxation. However, they have recently also become interesting places for Pokémon hunters as this is where Pidgey, Spearow & Co. roam en masse. 

Parks & Gardens
Barbecue spots

Exploring the City

Your legs are tired, but you're still missing various Pokémons? With the BaselCard TNW, fervent Pokémon hunters can use the city's public transport system for free for a period of 24 hours. Other offers such as a free visit to the Zoo Basel, for example, a free ferry trip or various concessionary offers at the city's museums make it possible to combine the hunt with a cultural experience.

Tourist Information