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Kultur Reverenz

The “Kultur Reverenz” atelier on the Kleinbasel side of the Rhine opens several times a year for exhibitions and events on the popular river promenade.

Various artists present joint works and ideas relating to a focal topic, thus making new perspectives possible. These art events often have a local connection.
For host Lila Buchs-Grumbacher it’s the human interaction, the interplay of various systems, the overlaps and the spaces between them as well as the exchange of different viewpoints that expand a person's horizons and help him or her to advance in life.
She pursued this vision enthusiastically in both theory and practice during her many years as a supervisor and mediator. In a synthesis of her experiences she fills the two historical and narrowest houses on the Kleinbasel promenade – “Zum rothen Schneck” and “Zum kleinen Sündenfall” – with interaction and dialogue in the language of art.
The host comments as follows: “Just like a kaleidoscope that always creates new and unique patterns, the Kultur Reverenz creates unexpected things from the interplay between a variety of artistic disciplines”.


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