For me, Basel stands for inspiration

An engagement at Theater Basel brought Alba Carbonell Castillo 2011 to Basel – and she's stayed ever since. In her elected home country, she found not only friendships but also the perfect environment for herself as a dancer and choreographer. Alba shows us which places in Basel she finds particularly inspirational in the way she knows best: through dance.

“My profession often takes me to new places. But in Basel I feel as though I’ve arrived. Dancing is my constant companion; through dance I express what I feel. I don't have to be happy or sad. I just have to feel what I want to convey. Basel inspires me.

When I’m not rehearsing I often visit Kunstmuseum Basel, where I go to see the Old Masters, or Fondation Beyeler. Here I admire the Berower Park in particular with the installations by Calder, Ellsworth Kelly or Ernesto Neto.

I love nature and like to recharge my batteries in the Botanical Garden of the University of Basel. Either to see the orchid collection or to enjoy the warm tropical greenhouse – in this green oasis right next to Spalentor gate I can find some peace and quiet even when things are hectic.

Basel is smaller than my native city, Barcelona. And yet there is so much to discover, to learn and to experience here. But it wasn’t like that from the beginning. When I was new to the city I felt a little lonely and didn’t know whom I could meet for a drink in the evening or for lunch in the middle of the day. But that feeling didn’t last. You just have to give the people of Basel a little time – and then they open up, like flowers.

Today I have many Swiss friends – either through my work at Ballett Theater Basel or from encounters in my free time, dancing in the club or dinner with friends in Kleinbasel.”