Energy Basel Fotopoint

Get your photo from the Rhine swim now and enter the competition. With a bit of luck, you could win an ORIS watch worth CHF 2000!

How do I get my photo?

A photo of you will be taken automatically if you swim past the FLOSS Festival concert stage (near the Mittlere BrĂĽcke) between 11.00 am and 8.30 pm from 8 to 26 August 2023 and wave clearly towards the shore at the indicated photo point. Make sure to be 4 metres from the camera.

You can download the photo free of charge starting 8 August.

Share your photo of you swimming in the Rhine with friends and followers on Instagram and Facebook, using #thisisbasel and #energybasel as hashtags.

The Energy Basel Fotopoint on the Rhine is only available for a short time!

Swim past the Energy Basel Fotopoint and wave to the camera in order to get a photo of you swimming in the Rhine.

Photo contest

You can download your photo free of charge starting from 8 August and take part in the contest. From 4 September, the community will select the winning image from the ten best photos via a voting process on matter if you pose as a group, as a couple or you together with your Wickelfisch swim bag: The most original photo will be rewarded with a great prize!


1 ORIS watch worth CHF 2000

Together with Maison Oris on BarfĂĽsserplatz, Basel Tourismus is giving away an ORIS watch worth CHF 2000 to all participants in the photo competition!

Consent to data protection: Rhine swimmers confirm by waving their hand that they legally consent, in accordance with Art. 13 FADP, to their picture being published at Anyone who doesn’t wish to be photographed can simply swim past the camera and avoid being photographed.

Rights of use: Basel Tourism reserves the right to use individual pictures without restriction.

Safety: Swimmers enter the Rhine at their own risk. Basel Tourism and its cooperation partners decline all liability.


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