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Architekturwoche Basel

9 to 15 May 2022

The Architekturwoche Basel (AWB) is the biennial platform for architecture and urban development in Switzerland’s capital of architecture. You can dive into the building culture of the metropolitan region at over 100 different events.

A new platform for contemporary architecture

The first ever biennial Architekturwoche Basel (Architecture Week Basel) will be titled “Reale Räume” (Real Spaces). Join the guided tours and presentations to find out how globalization, digitization, migration, pandemics and climate impact our living spaces and everyday life.

The Architekturwoche Basel is being launched by the Architektur Dialoge Foundation, which has been communicating with a broad audience about contemporary architecture and promoting conversations on this topic since 2006.


Architekturwoche Basel 2022


The Architekturwoche Basel 2022 focuses on three current development areas:

Basel Pavillon

At the start of the Architekturwoche Basel, the temporary Basel Pavillon (Basel Pavilion) will open as an attraction at the Dreispitz site on 10 May 2022. The young architect duo isla from Majorca won the international competition for the first Basel Pavillon. It is designed to use recycled components, demonstrating new approaches to environmentally friendly construction.

The first Basel Pavillon will be installed as a venue at the Dreispitz site from May to October.


During the Architekturwoche Basel, performances at the St. Alban-Teich, the Bachgraben and the Riehenteich will inspire you to perceive the city in a new way. Streets become rivers, fountains become bathhouses and hidden sewage pipes become acoustic instruments.

The Trouvailles visualize the city’s relationship to water, here the St. Alban-Teich

Open Office

Find out how and where architecture has been developed in Basel. Many architecture, engineering and planning offices are opening their doors to give you an insight into their practice

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Good to know.

  • The Architekturwoche Basel was held for the first time in May 2022, and will then be a biennial event.

  • In the programme, you can find the locations in Basel and the region at which Architekturwoche Basel events will take place.

  • Most events are free and can be booked from mid-April.