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Urban Art

The hidden charm of an underrated genre

Urban art has gained a solid foothold in the art scene in recent years and is a permanent feature of urban tourism in major cultural metropolitan centres.
Basel, too, has its own graffiti and street art scene. If you look closely you'll find many spots where the work of these artists can be admired, so it's worth paying closer attention to this exciting urban art segment.

Street Art in Basel

Graffiti and street art are often associated with random scrawlings and slogans on building facades, which earns them – albeit unfairly – a negative image. But on closer inspection this urban art form sets itself clearly apart from meaningless scribbles.

A walk through the city reveals plenty of colourful texts, graphics and some elaborately spray-painted motifs. While some delight in them, others consider them to be vandalism. In recent decades, the colourful form of expression on city walls and facades has become more widespread, and urban art has now established itself as a recognized artistic genre.

Discover the impressive works of art on Basel's streets, facades and corners and follow in the footsteps of talented street art and graffiti artists.

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