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Jailbirds, butchers and elegant ladies Adulti


Basel, around 1850. Traugott and Irma von der Mühll would never have imagined that two escapees from the Lohnhof prison would drop in on the day of their memorial celebration for Uncle Friedrich. Be bold and embark on a different kind of walk - with the jailbird and his accomplice - through a part of Basel that has quite a lot to tell. Find out why stags graze on the Stadtgraben, hear about bits of bacon during a church service or where trousers and gingerbread are welcomed as a means of payment. Meet Rector Thurneysen who gives an address in Latin, the police, or eccentric Ms Ochsenfuess, and enjoy the special view from the Spalentor gate.

An amusing, entertaining and informative scenic walking tour that includes out-of-the-ordinary and human aspects of Basel.

A minimum number of participants is required on this tour.


6 pm - 7.15 pm 

approx. 75 minutes

Meeting point
In front of Leonhardskirche

Tour ending point

Information regarding COVID-19
Due to the current COVID-19 situation it is recommended to bring along and wear a protective mask during this guided tour.


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