Basel's Hidden Stories

Ragazzi e scuole


Are you looking for something fun for the next children's birthday party? Or would you like to take your school class on a voyage of discovery through Basel? Then book the action-packed walking tour "Basel's hidden stories". The walking tour for children, inspired by the eponymous book by Jeanne Darling and Jooce Garrett, is guaranteed to provide great entertainment and to make children happy.

Two fascinating fairy tales will enchant the participants and encourage them to learn something about the city's history. The two exciting tales "The basilisk and the baker's son" and "Sophie and the swan" take the children through the city's narrow streets, allowing them to discover hidden treasures and secrets.

The walking tour for children is suitable for children aged 5-12. At least one adult must accompany the children.
Each child will receive a colouring sheet illustrated by Jooce Garrett. The price includes a copy of the book (in either German or English) for the birthday child and the group.


Express surcharge of CHF 50 for bookings within 24 hours of tour start.

Punto d’incontro

In front of Barfüsserkirche