Women in Basel

Basilea – Unica nel suo genere


Pioneering, influential, pugnacious. This new walking tour is devoted to women who have helped to shape the city of Basel - either as individuals or as part of a movement.
Together with your guide, you will walk in the footsteps of the city's key female personalities. Which topics were uppermost in women's minds? The events our pioneering women witnessed or shaped - whether as artists, sponsors or academics - were both impressive and thrilling. You'll also be amazed by stories about courageous factory workers, strong sand-carriers and nuns who sacrificed themselves for others - all tales that must be kept alive.

After all, who still knows about them? Take, for example, the sand-carriers: until 100 years ago, these women went from house to house selling sand by the kilo - at that time the ingredient of all-purpose cleaning agents. Or did you know about Bettina Eichin, Switzerland's first female sculptor? Her cast-iron works still adorn the banks of the Rhine and Basel's Münster to this day. You'll also find out more about the highly influential work done behind the scenes by such well-known sponsors of the arts as Maja Sacher and Maja Oeri. Without them, Basel could hardly have become the "cultural capital of Switzerland" it is today.

So all you ladies - and gentlemen! - are bound to find these stories fascinating. Not to be missed!


Tours ending after 6.00 pm are subject to an evening surcharge of CHF 60.
Bookings made less than 24 hours in advance are subject to an express surcharge of CHF 50.