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Durata: 3 hours

This self-guided FoodTour will take you to places that are a little bit different. The tour, which lasts around three hours, will take you away from the usual tourist attractions and give you the opportunity to get to know “iconic Basel” – and enjoy it slowly.

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Brunch tour with some cultural delights at Chez Jeannot

Durata: 1 hour 30 minutes

How about a helping of Basel culture before your Sunday brunch? Take a walk with us from the picturesque cathedral square through the historical alleys of the old town to the St. Alban district, which is steeped in legend.

Da 50,00 CHF

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Durata: 2 hours

The Basel BeerTour takes you on an excursion into the local craft beer scene. Craft beer is becoming even more popular in many countries, with small breweries sprouting up all over. However, this popular beverage was being enjoyed in Basel long before it began to be referred to as such: at the Fischerstube, where craft beer has been served since 1974. 

Da 20,00 CHF

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