Explorial Basel


Looking for an exciting outdoor experience where you can work with your friends to solve puzzles and have fun? 

Then Explorial is the perfect solution! Explore Basel Old Town as a group and receive clues on the Explorial app as to how to find the next location. Exciting puzzles and tasks await you on arrival. 

Explorial is a challenging, interactive game with the aim of earning as many points as possible as a group. 

Explore the historic Old Town on foot and receive points for completing various tasks that can only be done on reaching a specific location. Whether you know the city well or are just here for a visit, Explorial is sure to show you new sides of Basel. 

All you need to get started are a smartphone with an active internet connection, the free Explorial app and a valid ticket for each player. Tickets can be directly purchased here on the website. You can then start playing right away. No booking is required. Once you’ve entered the game code in the app, you can choose if you’d like to play in English or German. Different players within a group can even play in different languages. 


The game typically takes about 1 to 2 hours, but there are no time limits, so you can explore Basel at your own pace. 


English, German 


1–2 hours 


Start point 

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Conditions d'annulation

En cas d'annulation, de modification de réservation ou de non-présentation, le prestataire prélève le montant total de la réservation.

Conditions de paiement

Le paiement se fait par carte de crédit directement au moment de la réservation.


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