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Breakout Basel


The new Live Escape Game in Basel. You have one hour in which to use your creativity, dexterity, communication skills and teamwork to break out of Bâlecatraz jail. Examine objects, clues and the escape route before the warder returns. The game is ideal as a team event or group activity, for hen parties and stag nights, birthday parties for colleagues, friends and family members, or for games freaks in general. The venue for this very special adventure is a spooky, hidden place which is nevertheless located not far from Basel SBB station. A gloomy cell and electric chair await you. The cell door features massive bars and just one tiny window offers a glimpse of hope and freedom. Walter Türm, Switzerland's "king of jailbreakers", has left his diary behind and prepared the escape in painstaking detail. So now it's your turn! Will you find the way out?

Language: German, English

Price: from CHF 30 per person for a group up to 6 participants

Duration: 1 hour

Group size: up to 6 participants per group