Guided architecture tour – modern architecture in St. Johann

Arquitectura moderna


From the new Biozentrum to the new Novartis Pavillon: this guided tour offers an interesting cross section of Basel’s contemporary architecture scene.

The former working-class district of St. Johann exemplifies the way Basel is moving into the future. Well-known architects built impressive structures on the Novartis Campus, including the buildings by Diener & Diener, SANAA and Frank O. Gehry. The residential building by HHF Architects at Lichtstrasse 9 is particularly striking. Further to the west, between Voltaplatz and Basel St. Johann station, both residential and commercial buildings by Christ & Gantenbein, Heinrich Degelo and Buchner Bründler Architekten were constructed in 2010.


Express surcharge for bookings within 24 hours of tour start CHF 50.

Punto de encuentro

Totentanz, by the Janus sculpture