Places of interest in Basel 

In Basel, 15th century buildings complement internationally renowned modern architecture to create a dynamic yet harmonious cityscape. 
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Sightseeing your way 
through history

Basel can look back on more than 2000 years of history. A history that is still very much present today – surviving as it does in all the nooks and crannies of the city and forming an exciting contrast to the modern face of Basel. During a tour of Basel, you will notice that although its somewhat unusual combination of new and old certainly creates plenty of contrasts, the overall cityscape is nevertheless harmonious to the eye. This is the very thing that makes the city so special: the architectural highlights of the present, which stand out from the well-preserved Old Town.

Some of Basel’s must-see places of interest include the Basel Cathedral (Münster), built 800 years ago in the Romantic and Gothic styles; the Pfalz viewing terrace behind the Cathedral, with its unique views of the Mittlere Brücke and Kleinbasel on the other side of the Rhine; and the Town Hall by the Marktplatz, home to the Basel government and parliament. The Spalenberg and Spalentor are also worth seeing.

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Good to know.

  • Basel is as famed for its historic buildings in the Old Town as for its modern architectural highlights. The city’s many public works of art are also worth seeing.

  • These places of interest in Basel’s Old Town are especially popular:

    • Basel Cathedral (Münster) and Pfalz
    • Town Hall by the Marktplatz
    • The Spalenberg and Spalentor
    • The Tinguely fountain outside Theater Basel
  • Many of the places of interest can be viewed for free. The Cathedral (Münster) and Town Hall are also free to visit during the opening times.

    Admission to most Basel museums is free for children and young people under 16 years of age. Adults can visit many museums in the evening on weekdays and on the first Sunday of the month free of charge.

  • Thanks to its pedestrian-friendly scale, the ideal way to explore Basel is on foot.