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For many people in Basel it is the highlight of the year: Carnival, or the “three best days of the year” (drei scheenschte Dääg) as many like to call it, when young and old take to the streets, make music, celebrate, and enjoy the brief period of jester’s licence.

  • The Basel Fasnacht attracts more than 200,000 VISITORS every year.
  • Roughly 11,000 MASKERS take part in the cortège. At least as many prefer to parade with no fixed route through the streets and alleys of the Old Town.
  • Around 500 FASNACHT FORMATIONS take part in the official cortège each year.
  • TWO MONTHS before the “three best days of the year”, beginning in January, a number of pre-Fasnacht events are staged at various theatres in town.
  • More than 500,000 WORKHOURS are invested in Fasnacht each year on a voluntary basis – roughly 100,000 of them in the service of children and adolescents.

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