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Useful terms

Ändstraich  End of the three most beautiful days
Bebbi Inhabitant of Basel
Chaise Carriage
Clique Carnival Club
Cliquenkeller Practice room of the carnival club
Cortège Official move
Dääfeli Candy
Dääg  Day
Drey scheenschte The three most beautiful
Drummle Drum
Goschdym Carnival dress
Guggemuusig Carnival music group
Lampe oder Ladärne Lantern
Larve Mask
Morgestraich  Prelude to the Basel Carnival
Pfyffer Piccolo player
Räppli Confetti
Sauglattismus Pseudo fun
Schnitzelbängg Ironically sarcastic texts on current topics
Schränze Play Guggenmusik
Sujet Current topic or "motto" played out by a carnival club
Tambour Drum player
Vortrab Placemaker at the tip of a carnival train, note distributor
Waggis Traditional Basel carnival costume
Zeedel Note with satirical texts