3 days in Basel

If you have 72 hours to spend in Basel you should also venture into the surrounding countryside after a couple of days in town. Our city is ideally situated with the Black Forest, Alsace and rural Basel-Land right on the doorstep.

Tram line 8 to Vitra

Where else can you easily and conveniently take a tram across a national border? Take tram no. 8 to the Vitra Design Museum (alight at the Weil am Rhein Bahnhof/Zentrum stop).

Public transport

A guided tour of the Vitra Campus

It's worth paying a visit to the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein, not only on account of the vast collection of design classics. These are also housed in architectural masterpieces which you can visit on a guided tour.

Vitra Design Museum
Stockphoto Fotolia Weisswein

Lunch at the Straussi Fünfschilling (wine tavern)

The term «Straussenwirtschaft» refers to the wine taverns or pubs operated by vintners and wine growers in Germany where people can taste the wine and enjoy a hearty meal at the same time. The Straussi Fünfschilling is open year-round.

Colmar in Frankreich.

Excursion to Colmar

How about a trip to Colmar in Alsace, which is less than an hour's drive from Basel. Discover the picturesque old town and the famous Isenheim altar in the Museum Unterlinden.


Dinner in Eguisheim

On your way back to Basel, stop in the Alsatian village of Eguisheim, one of the most beautiful in France. Enjoy a delicious dinner and try the local wine in an idyllic setting.