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In Basel, classic modernism meets street art. Welcome to the Swiss city with the greatest density of museums and the venue of Art Basel!
Take a look at Basel’s world-class museums

In Basel, art can be seen wherever you go, whether strolling through the beautiful Old Town or when visiting one of the almost 40 museums. With their themed collections, the museums have something for every taste, and many have reputations that stretch far beyond the Swiss border. On top of that, there are countless galleries scattered throughout the city.  

The passion for art was already firmly rooted in the city on the Rhine in 1967, the year of the Picasso miracle, and recently culminated in the magnificent new extension to the Kunstmuseum. The Kunstmuseum Basel, whose history dates back to 1661, is one of the world’s very first museums. Its collection includes many major works of art from the last 700 years. Wandering through the halls, you will discover a veritable “Who’s Who” of classical modernism, from Pablo Picasso to Henri Matisse and Joan Miró to Paul Klee. Small wonder, then, that London’s The Times named the museum the fifth best in the world in 2013.

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