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Grand Tour of Switzerland

The 1600-km Grand Tour of Switzerland takes you through our most beautiful regions and shows you how varied and scenic our country is. And with almost 40 museums, a wonderful historic core, excellent restaurants, world-famous events and countless leisure opportunities, Basel is the ideal place to start your Grand Tour.


Highlights along the route

Public walking tour – history at your fingertips
Join a Basel Tourism walking tour, and you'll be regaled with facts and anecdotes about the past and present – both humorous and thought-provoking. As you are escorted from the playful Tinguely fountains to the imposing cathedral and through the charming streets of the historic city centre, you're sure to be fascinated by the city's illustrious past.
Swimming in the Rhine
On warm summer evenings, there's no better way to cool off than by taking a dip in the Rhine. While drifting along with the current you can enjoy the city from quite a new perspective. The two "Badhysli", as the locals call their bathing establishments, create a real holiday atmosphere. Each has a sundeck on which you can relax.
Did you know that Basel's ferries cross the Rhine using just the river's current, without any additional means of propulsion? In the past, they served as floating bridges, supplementing the existing bridges across the Rhine.
Basel Zoo
Basel's zoo is referred to as "Zolli" by the locals. Dating from 1874, it is the oldest zoo in Switzerland. It has more than 600 species in an area covering 11 hectares.
Augusta Raurica
The Roman city of Augusta Raurica was established as far back as 44 BC and boasts what is regarded as the best-preserved ancient theatre north of the Alps. Augusta Raurica is also home to the largest silver hoard from the Late Roman period and a mysterious well shaft.
The Ermitage is the largest English-style landscaped garden in Switzerland. Together with Birseck Castle, its ponds, cliffs and caves provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic outdoor stroll. It is a peaceful, tranquil and mystical place. The Baroque "Dom" (cathedral) is just a short walk away.
Merian Gärten
The Merian Gärten to the south of Basel feature the most varied vegetation of any gardens in northwest Switzerland. They boast a harmonious mix of horticultural and agricultural sections, an informal ("English") garden and botanical collections. These gardens offer children and adults an opportunity to learn about nature, the secrets of gardening and the origins of food.
Benedictine abbey of Mariastein
After Einsiedeln, Mariastein is probably Switzerland's best known place of pilgrimage – and an excellent place to combine a visit to the church with a pleasant walk in attractive scenery. The abbey church of Mariastein is a splendid example of late Gothic architecture.

The world’s first road trip for electric vehicles

E-Grand Tour: The excitement is building

Discovering the diversity of Switzerland will include a new highlight by the beginning of the 2017 summer season: The Grand Tour of Switzerland presents itself as an exciting road trip for electric vehicles. From the end of March 2017 onward, an extensive network of charging stations will electrify the entire route – over more than 1,600 kilometres. For a comfortable and clean driving experience.