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Arrival by train

Basel is an important interchange and transport hub and, with its three mainline train stations, offers excellent connections to all Swiss cities and major European cities. The Swiss Railway station (SBB), the French Railway station (SNCF) and the Badische Bahnhof, operated by German Railway (DB), are all conveniently located in the heart of the city.

Basel's railway stations enjoy frequent domestic and international services. Trains from France arrive at the French railway station, which is right next to the Swiss (SBB) station.

Guests travelling from Germany can choose whether to get off at Basel SBB or at the German station (Badischer Bahnhof) near the exhibition centre.

Swiss Railway (SBB)

French Railway station (SNCF)

German Railway (DB)

Austrian Railways (ÖBB)

TGV Lyria

Trenitalia (TI)

Travel time by train

City Duration
Amsterdam 6 h 45 min
Barcelona 12 h 00 min
Berlin 7 h 10 min
Bern 1 h 00 min
Brussels 6 h 00 min
Frankfurt 3 h 00 min
Geneva 2 h 45 min
London 8 h 00 min
Madrid 19 h 00 min
Marseille 8 h 00 min
Milan 4 h 06 min
Moskow 37 h 00 min
Munich 5 h 30 min
Paris 3 h 00 min
Rome 7 h 24 min
Vienna 10 h 00 min
Zurich 55 min


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