Insider tips from Basel: top events, competitions and special offers

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Getting there & exploring the City

Basel is situated in the heart of Europe, right in the border triangle region where Switzerland, Germany and France converge. Thanks to its manageable size and the excellent public transport network, it's quick and easy to get around the city.

Exploring the City

You are sure to enjoy the fact that nothing is far away in our city. Here you can find out more about getting from A to B in Basel – whether on foot, by tram or bus, or with a taxi.


Getting there

If you are travelling by air, you can reach the city via EuroAirport or nearby Zurich Airport. It's very easy to plan your journey via the three railway stations and the major motorways. Cruise ships also travel down the Rhine to Basel every day. 



Basel lies in the heart of Europe, on both banks of the Rhine. The city is the centre of the idyllic border triangle of France, Germany and Switzerland – lying between the Swiss Jura, Germany’s Black Forest and the Vosges in Alsace.


Parking in Basel

Anyone arriving in Basel by car will find numerous parking options. Car parks, hotel garages or a visitor parking card – here are some useful tips and information on parking in Basel.


«Lucky restrooms» – No worries when moving around town

You're sure to know the feeling: you're strolling through town when you suddenly need a toilet – and there's not a single public convenience to be found. But worry no more: in future, you'll be able to just walk into a catering outlet and use the WC without having to buy any food or drink. With this new offering, Basel's cafés, shops and restaurants are breaking away from old traditions.