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Daily brunch

For people who like a sumptuous brunch buffet during the week.

Café del mundo

Café del mundo provides an extensive breakfast during the week and on Saturdays. del mundo is committed to fresh quality and healthy dining. The delicious dishes are prepared in the restaurant’s own kitchen every day.


Les Gareçons

You can enjoy a lavish breakfast every day at Les Gareçons, located at Basel Badischer Bahnhof (German station). Either assemble your own brunch or choose what you fancy from one of the many set meals. From the small "Landei" to the large "Exquisit", there's something for everyone. Late risers can even have brunch until 9 p.m. on Sundays.



Come and enjoy a fresh brunch daily, using only the best ingredients, at Café Frühling on Feldbergstrasse. As well as the brunch menu, the Frühling serves premium-quality coffee that is not to be missed.


La Fourchette

You can enjoy breakfast every day until the afternoon at the cosy Cafe La Fourchette on Klybeckstrasse. An extensive brunch is served here every Sunday. The first Sunday brunch of the month has a "Vinyl Brunch" theme and is an opportunity to get some musical inspiration while you eat.


Salz und Zucker

You can eat breakfast every day at Salz&Zucker on Wanderstrasse. A variety of breakfast options are on offer, which you can add to if you wish. If you don't want to commit to just one breakfast menu, on Sundays you can help yourself from the large all-you-can-eat brunch buffet.



The small but exquisite Smuk offers a range of breakfast menus available from Wednesday to Saturday. If you're spoilt for choice, you can add individual extras to your plate. On Sunday, Smuk serves its big all-you-can-eat brunch buffet, from which you can pick and choose at will.


Bahn Kantine

The Bahn Kantine in Basel serves breakfast from Tuesday to Friday. If the "Breakfast Plate" isn't enough for you, you can add lots of other tasty items of your choice. The big brunch buffet is served up on Sunday.


Zum Kuss

In De Wette Park right next to the SBB station, the Caffè Kultur Bar zum Kuss serves a continental breakfast daily. For those looking for a somewhat larger meal, the big brunch menu is served on Sunday. There's a choice of four breakfast options, to which organic muesli can be added. Should you only want a small breakfast on Sunday, you can choose either the small or mini breakfast.