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St. Johann

As a former workers’ district, St. Johann has always been a place where a wide variety of cultures come together. This tradition has continued in recent years – thanks to the Novartis Campus, which is gradually developing into a «city within the city». But there is more than just that happening in this part of Basel: new restaurants and pubs are sprouting like mushrooms here. And even beyond the Novartis Campus, the quarter is an exciting spot for fans of architecture.

New in the district: Rheinuferweg St. Johann

St. Johann is increasingly becoming a recreational area. Recently St. Johann Park was joined by a further location that has proven to be very popular with walkers and leisure-seekers: the newly opened Rheinuferweg, a path along the banks of the Rhine which makes it possible to explore the three-country region on foot. This path has four new exit points for Rhine swimmers and leads past Lokami, a restaurant where you can discover Japanese food.

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Rheinuferweg St. Johann

Shopping tip: Chez Velo

When you visit Basel, one thing emerges quickly: residents prefer to use bicycles to travel in the city. One shop that honours this popular form of transport is Chez Velo in St. Johann. It offers a wide selection of bicycles with matching accessories, and the owners have a quarter century of experience when it comes to bicycles. 

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Dining tip: Volta Bräu

St. Johann Park has always been a popular meeting point in the quarter: in addition to a lot of green space, it offers an unobstructed view of the Rhine. 

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Volta Bräu
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Führung im Quartier
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