Insider tips from Basel: top events, competitions and special offers

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Grossbasler Innenstadt &
St. Alban

Not surprisingly, Basel’s old town contains nearly all the sights that are generally connected with Basel. And yet this district offers much more: world-class museums, shopping delights for individualists of every kind, traditional pubs and new favourites, and a spot – the St. Alban-Tal, also known as the “Little Venice” of Basel – that melts the heart of every romantic. 

New in the district: Fleurs des Rois

The Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois is now highlighting the world of flowers: at the new boutique Fleurs des Rois in the city centre, the team of florists turns nature’s beauties into stylish arrangements. The seasonal range includes out-of-the-ordinary flower arrangements for a variety of occasions and tastes. 

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Fleurs des Rois

Shopping tip: 1Fach-Basel

There are counter-trends to digitization in Basel, too. One example is in the Gundeli quarter, where the owner of 1Fach-Basel has made it her aim to move offers from the Internet back into a bricks-and-mortar store by letting individual compartments in her shop to suppliers. This makes it more affordable for the suppliers to offer their goods, and customers enjoy the constantly changing product range.

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Dining tip: Apulia

The Apulia region is still something of an insider’s tip among travellers to Italy. But the fact that more and more people take their holidays there is due in no small part to its unbelievably good cuisine. The restaurateurs at Apulia near the Spalentor gate have brought this food to Basel, ensuring a Mediterranean atmosphere with their delicacies right in the middle of Basel’s old town.

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Local character Caroline Rasser

Actress and director of Theater Fauteuil

«What I particularly like about Basel’s old town is the many small, innovative shops, restaurants, bars and cultural institutions that enliven its historic setting. My favourite spot is our local «hill», the Spalenberg. I like it partly because of our family business there, the Theater Fauteuil in its wonderful Spalenhof courtyard. But I also enjoy the special flair that characterizes this street.» 

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