Insider tips from Basel: top events, competitions and special offers

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Events during Christmas time

There's quite a lot happening in Basel in the pre-Christmas period. In addition to the well-established events there are lots of smaller and unusual ones.

Harley Weihnachten

Explore Basel's city events during the Advent period – for instance at Theater Basel, where a new window is opened each day in the “literary-musical Advent calendar”. The Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel (Toy Worlds Museum) and the Museum der Kulturen (Museum of Cultures) present exhibitions relating to Christmas, while Basel's Marionettentheater (puppet theatre) features special Christmas performances for adults and children as part of its repertoire.

This year's Basler Stadtlauf (city run) takes place on 24 November, and numerous events will take place in Basel’s churches during the Advent period. Gospel Night in the cathedral (Münster) is one of the fixtures in the Basel Christmas calendar. Among the other many festive highlights are the Christmas variety show Palazzo Colombino at the Rosentalanlage and the “Harley Davidson Santas”.

Advent in den Merian Gärten

Café Restaurant Merian | Basel (Innenstadt)


Basler Weihnachtsmarkt

Barfüsserplatz | Basel (Innenstadt)


Illuminarium: Der fabelweihnachtszaubermusikalische Lichterzirkus

Museum der Kulturen Basel | Basel (Innenstadt)

Basler Wunschbuch

Rathaus Basel, Innenhof | Basel (Innenstadt)


Wünsch dir was - 125 Objekte zum 125. Geburtstag

Museum der Kulturen Basel | Basel (Innenstadt)


Palazzo Colombino

Rosentalanlage | Basel (Innenstadt)



St. Claraspital | Basel (Innenstadt)

Guided city tour: Discover Basel, the Christmas city!

Münster Basel | Basel (Innenstadt)


Adväntsgass im Glaibasel

Rheingasse | Basel (Innenstadt)

Adventskalender im Theater Basel

Theater Basel, Foyer Grosse Bühne | Basel (Innenstadt)


Em Bebbi sy Adväntsbox uff em Märtplatz

Marktplatz | Basel (Innenstadt)


La Satire Continue: Es weihnachtet quer

Theater im Teufelhof | Basel (Innenstadt)


Christmas Tattoo

St. Jakobshalle | Basel (Innenstadt)

Cirque Noël de Bâle

Rosentalanlage | Basel (Innenstadt)

Der kleine Nussknacker

Theater Basel, Grosse Bühne | Basel (Innenstadt)