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Discover some of the most beautiful Christmas market stalls

The stand operators at the Basel Christmas Market always decorate their stands with love and attention. In 2019, around 160 stands will enchant visitors. We are pleased to present 4 of these to you.

Anis Weihnachtsmarkt-Stand


«Änis-Paradies» welcomes visitors to Münsterplatz with a very traditional Christmas product: the many different moulds with motifs have been used since the 14th century to decorate delicious Christmas anise cookies.

Kulpa Weihnachtskugeln Stand

Kulpa Weihnachtskugeln

A stand in Barfüssergasse looks like a huge parcel: “Kulpa Weihnachtskugeln” – delightful, hand-painted Christmas baubles as far as the eye can see, available in a variety of motifs, sizes and shapes. Four painted baubles adorn the roof of the stand and feature typical Basel subjects: the Roche Tower, Spalentor, City Hall and a BVB tram.

Weihnachtsstand Pretty Sixty

The Pretty Sixty Store

«The Pretty Sixty Store» is located on Barfüsserplatz. The stand’s lovingly created decoration is eye-catching: amusing, covered in fluffy white “snow”, decorated with red Santas, caps, mushrooms and other accessories from the 1960s. There is a wealth of stylishly presented goods on sale inside.

Feuerzangenbowle Stand


Hans-Rudolf Liechti’s unmistakable stand in Barfüssergasse is reminiscent of a Black Forest cabin. The choice ingredients for the Feuerzangenbowle punch – rum and a sugarloaf – are prepared in a copper pot. The covered lean-to invites visitors to sample the refreshments.