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Pre-Fasnacht Period in Basel 2018

January features a large number of events that sweeten the wait until the “three best days of the year” and heighten the anticipation. Whether slapstick or variety performance, the range of humour and creativity is virtually unbeatable and highlights the diverse facets of Basel's carnival. Clever verses and amusing punchlines in the “Raamestiggli” provide a framework for the splendid drum, pipe and “Gugge music” performances. In addition to the traditional pre-Fasnacht events, new productions delight a steadily growing audience each year.

You can find all 2018 pre-Fasnacht events here:

Glaibasler Charivari

Volkshaus Basel | Basel (Innenstadt)

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Drummeli 2018

Musical Theater Basel | Basel (Innenstadt)

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Häbse Theater | Basel (Innenstadt)

S'Ridicule 2018

Förnbacher Theater | Basel (Innenstadt)

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Fauteuil | Basel (Innenstadt)


Scala Basel | Basel (Innenstadt)

Kinder-Charivari: D'Ysfasnacht

Theater Basel, Kleine Bühne | Basel (Innenstadt)

Fasnachtsbändeli: Willkomme an Bord

Theater Arlecchino | Basel (Innenstadt)

Rämpläm: Rundum lätz gwigglet - dängg

Tabourettli | Basel (Innenstadt)