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Carnival in Basel

The history of the Carnival in Basel

Why does Basel celebrate Fasnacht? All you need to know about the history and background to the "three best days".


Highlights of the Carnival in Basel

But what makes the Carnival in Basel particularly special is its blend of anarchical chaos and well organized large-scale event. The following is an overview of what visitors should experience.


Carnival participants

From the piccolo player to the drummer, from Schnitzelbank (satirical verse) performers to "Guggenmusik" bands: there are different ways to participate in Fasnacht.


Traditional Fasnacht costumes

A large number of characters are on the move during Fasnacht. Five of them can look back on a long tradition. Some of them are based on Italy's Commedia dell'Arte, while others are inspired by local events.


Dos & Don‘ts

There aren't actually any official rules on how to behave during Basel Fasnacht, but locals attach importance to certain customs and recommendations. If you follow these, you'll soon feel like an insider.