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Indulgent tasting tour – behind the scenes at Confiserie Beschle

The tasting tour introduces you to the world of chocolate and gives you deep insights into all of the production facilities.

  • discover how the popular tortes and tarts are created
  • taste a selection of pralines and chocolates
  • give-away

from CHF 35 per person 


Artistic and gastronomic Basel

Explore the world of urban art and indulgence.


  • Private guided tour for groups: Street Art Tour – the city as a canvas
  • Three-course meal at Safran Zunft

from CHF 65 per person



Happy hour with cocktails

A good mix: drinks high above the rooftops of Basel and culinary highlights from around the globe.

  • cocktail workshop in Bar Rouge
  • mix your own drink
  • international 3-course meal in Klara


from CHF 109 per person



A journey into the world of Jakob’s Basler Leckerly

Jakob’s Basler Leckerly gives visitors a thrilling insight into Switzerland’s oldest biscuit manufacturer!

  • factory visit
  • tasting
  • packaging studio


from CHF 30 per person


Chocolate workshop

Would you like to create your own delicious chocolate? The workshop enables you to give your creativity free rein and to make and finish two chocolate bars of your own.

  • Visit a traditional chocolate-maker's atelier
  • Taste raw and roasted cocoa beans
  • Create your own bars of chocolate
  • Sweet give-away


from CHF 80 per person 



Cocktail workshop in Bar Rouge

Welcome to the highest cocktail bar in Switzerland at 105 metres above the ground.



  • Cocktail workshop at a height of 105 metres 
  • Learn the basics of cocktails 
  • Mix two cocktails of your own



from CHF 65 per person



Create your own Chocolate Bar

Explore the world of chocolate.

  • Discover how the professionals sample
  • Taste various types of chocolate 
  • Create your own chocolate bars

from CHF 75 per person 


Let's Taste Gin!

Gin workshop in Switzerland’s highest-altitude cocktail bar, at 105 metres above sea level.


  • Background knowledge about how it’s made 
  • Gin tasting 
  • A gin and tonic of your choice


from CHF 50 per person