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Adventure-filled scavenger hunt in Basel

An iPad guides you through one of the adventures, on which you work as a secret agent or an elf’s assistant to save the world.


  • Ipad scavenger hunt through Basel 
  • view familiar scenes in a new light


from CHF 29 per person



Magic scavenger hunt in Basel

Find and close a magic portal using three crystals that are hidden in secret locations around Basel.


  • iPad scavenger hunt in Basel 
  • Prize for the winning group 
  • 3-course meal at Safran Zunft


from CHF 95 per person



Street art meets street food


Explore Basel’s street-art scene on your own.


  • City Treasure Hunt «Street Art» 
  • Drink 
  • Three-course meal in Basel’s Markthalle

from CHF 75 per person



Winter Fun at Schützenhaus Reinach (BL)

Similar to curling, Eisstockschiessen (ice stock sport) is a Swiss tradition from the Alpine region and promises plenty of action and fun.

  • Eisstockschiessen
  • mulled wine by the open fire
  • Raclette


from CHF 88 per person 


Awaken your competitive spirit

Saw through tree trunks, hit the target with your crossbow and throw horseshoes to make sure your team comes out on top!

  • Exciting team games
  • A mediterranean aperitif
  • Barbecue in summer, raclette in winter


from CHF 91 per person



Treasure hunt through Basel's Old Town

Team spirit and a good sense of direction are a must!

  • City Treasure Hunt
  • ferry ride
  • drink
  • 3-course meal in Restaurant Löwenzorn


from CHF 74 per person



Breakout Basel

You have one hour to use your creativity, dexterity, communication skills and teamwork to break out from one of the four Escape Rooms.

  • Live Escape Game
  • Creativity, dexterity an communication skills


from CHF 30 per person



Creative Street Art Workshop

Discover the inspiring world of street art and graffiti by learning how to create fascinating images using spray cans, coloured pens, markers, brushes and stencils.


  • Street Art Workshop
  • all materials
  • documentation in photographs and film

from CHF 105 per person



Crossbow event – William Tell would have been amazed

Not only Swiss people ought to feel the charm of following in William Tell's footsteps.

  • Crossbow event
  • following Willhelm Tell's footsteps 
  • instructed by professionals and competing


from CHF 35 per person 


Ice stock sport – great fun for young and old alike

Both "Lattlschiessen" and traditional ice stock sport (also known as Bavarian curling) combine tradition and fun.

  • Franzl's Eisstockgaudi
  • traditional ice stock sport or Lattlschiessen


from CHF 25 per person