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In 1821 the time had come: Basel opened its very first state museum. In the Falkensteinerhof on Münsterplatz, the "natural science museum" welcomes inquisitive visitors. The new centre for teaching, research and outreach inspires not only the public but also the scientists, for never before have they shared their knowledge outside the university and the circles of scholars. From now on, the general public can also see for themselves the benefits of natural research. The specialist libraries, collection objects and research equipment are no longer scattered all over the city, but are finally all gathered under one roof.

This achievement must be celebrated - we look forward to doing so together with you. Travel with us through the centuries and get to know those people who have shaped the Basel Museum of Natural History. What were their motives for collecting and researching? Why did they leave their life's work to the museum and what expectations did they have of it? The exhibition tells of the great passion with which generations of collectors have looked after the treasures of nature and preserved them for the future. Their great reverence for life on our planet and their enormous commitment are the basis for the rich history of the Basel Museum of Natural History. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary, we pay tribute to this priceless achievement with a trip to bygone eras.

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