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Refreshment stalls (Buvettes)

The buvettes have become an established part of the Basel cityscape. They open up in fine weather to serve delicious drinks and snacks – perfect for relaxing.

Buvette Bollwerk

The buvette at Bollwerk, near the Heuwaage viaduct in the middle of the city, is situated in a surprisingly peaceful spot that enjoys beautiful sunsets and serves delicious drinks and snacks.


Oetlinger Buvette

The Oetlinger buvette serves coffee, drinks, beer and snacks and has its own public barbecue spot, so that people can grill their own food and enjoy it next to the Rhine.


Rhyschänzli Buvette

The Rhyschänzli buvette is located right next to the imposing facade of the Kaserne (former barracks) and, among other things, serves a delicious caipirinha and quince ice cream.


Flora Buvette

Delicious drinks and snacks as well as coffee and beer await sun-seekers at the Flora buvette.


Dreirosen Buvette

Hardy swimmers who navigate their way to the Dreirosenbrücke can enjoy coffee, beer, snacks and drinks at the Dreirosen buvette.


Marina Buvette

The Marina Basel bar serves guests a wide range of drinks at the fold-down open-air counter.


Buvette «Alti Liebi»

For a lunch break, an afternoon coffee or an after-work drink, you can relax at the enticingly named «Alti Liebi» buvette and enjoy the view of the Christoph Merian park. 


Saint Louis Buvette

Located directly next to the idyllic St. Johann park, the only buvette (riverside café) on the Grossbasel side has an impressive selection of house-made fish snacks and delicious drinks.