Insider tips from Basel: top events, competitions and special offers

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Basel for families

Young and old visitors alike will enjoy the city on the Rhine with its relaxed atmosphere and large number of museums – many of which are interesting for children too – and a wide range of other activities. 

For us, Basel means experiencing something new every day.

Eating ice cream in Basel Zoo, huge mammoths in the Natural History Museum and art to touch - for Lia (5) and Mathis (8), Basel is an adventure every day! The siblings prefer to spend their free afternoons exploring with their families. Here they take you to their favourite places and show you Basel through children's eyes. Lia and her big brother know exactly where to get very close to the lions, where works of art come to life and where scooter driving is best!

Basel's Hidden Stories

This walking tour for children, inspired by the eponymous book by Jeanne Darling and Jooce Garrett, is guaranteed to provide great entertainment and to make children happy.


Basil – Treasure hunts for children

A treasure hunt with Basil is an adventure for the whole family. Armed with tricky questions, the participants embark on a very special kind of city tour. And there's even a special surprise for the little ones.

Adventures with Basil

An exciting trip to Basel Zoo

The people of Basel know and love their "Zolli", as it is one of the regular excursion destinations for kindergartens and schools in the region. No wonder, as it is home to over 600 species of animals and visitors can always discover something new.

Basel Zoo

Visit the Aquabasilea water world

Young guests can get acquainted with water in a fun, child-friendly way at Aquabasilea in Pratteln. Older guests can choose from exciting encounters with the water in the wave pool, the activity pool or the various slides.


Lunch at Aquabasilea

The Aquabasilea water world offers a range of dining options, with a self-service restaurant, a sauna bistro with an inside and outside area, and an Eastern-inspired café in the hammam. There's something for all tastes here. 


A visit to Basel's Marionettentheater (puppet theatre)

The Marionettentheater on Basel's Münsterplatz is an institution in its own right. It has entertained children for generations and it's always a pleasure to see how silent it becomes in the auditorium as soon as the curtain goes up.

Basel's Marionettentheater

Dinner at Papa Joe’s

Papa Joe's is a restaurant located on the popular Barfüsserplatz in the city centre. Its informal atmosphere and American specialities are popular with young and old alike.

Papa Joe‘s