Erlenmatt – where city chic and park life meet

Basel Highlights


From old freight depot to trendy residential quarter.

In northern Basel, a former freight depot has been transformed into a vibrant new quarter. The new area sets the standard for sustainable development in the city and offers a glimpse of Basel's future.

On this guided tour, you will discover how new living spaces have been created in Erlenmatt, just a stone's throw from Basel city centre. In 2007, new developments gradually began to appear on this huge plot, which used to be the home of the Deutsche Bahn freight depot (nt/Areal). The area now boasts living spaces, parks and gardens, offices and commercial spaces, a school, a retirement home and several new bars and restaurants. The planning and construction stages focused on careful use of resources and ensuring an environmentally friendly approach, while social aspects were also given top priority during the quarter's development.

At the heart of this quarter characterized by contrasts is Erlenmattpark. Surrounded by buildings and covering around 50,000 m2, the park forms a green corridor that leads directly to the nearby Lange Erlen recreation area. On this circular walking tour, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the careful planning that went into this public park first-hand.


Additional charge

Express surcharge for bookings within 24 hours of tour start CHF 50.

Meeting point

Meeting point
In front of the the main entrance to the Musical Theater, Erlenstrasse