Basel Tattoo 2016 special offer

Based on the world-renowned Edinburgh Tattoo, the Basel Tattoo takes place between 21st and 30th July 2016.

This top-quality musical event features bagpipes, brass bands and traditional folk dancing with top dance troupes from around the world and delights both young and old in equal measure. The Basel Tattoo guarantees a sensational and perfect show with the best formations, which will thrill the audience into standing ovations.

Experience the spectacular show and take advantage of our special offer.


WeekdayDateShow 1Show 2
Thursday21.07.2016 9.30 pm
Friday22.07.2016 9.30 pm
Saturday23.07.20165.30 pm9.30 pm
Sunday24.07.20165.30 pm9.30 pm
Monday25.07.2016 9.30 pm
Tuesday26.07.2016 9.30 pm
Wednesday27.07.2016 9.30 pm
Thursday28.07.2016 9.30 pm
Friday29.07.2016 9.30 pm
Saturday30.07.20165.30 pm9.30 pm

Bookable from the 4th of December 2015.

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